Try to experiment with using blank slides in your presentations. The blank slide is a powerful tool to direct the audience attention to you and what you are saying.

With regards to color, black often works best.

When should you add a blank slide?

You can add a blank slide whenever you are finished talking about the content on your current slide. Blank slides are especially good for transitions in your presentations.

Many presenters go straight to a plot or image that shows the result of a given experiment. Then they explain the experiment while the plot is showing. If you do that, your audience will try to read and understand the plot or image before they have the necessary background information. There’s no need to put this strain on your audience.

Instead, add a blank slide. Explain the experiment and why you performed it. Then show the results. In this way, you are guiding your audience through your presentation in a much better way.

In addition to being a good guide for your audience, you are also redirecting the attention back to you, and you are giving the audience a break from slides, which can be exhausting.

In a presentation, you constantly have to guide your audience and direct their attention to where you want it. Remember, your audience cannot pause you and rewind if they missed something. So you must do your best to avoid asking your audience to focus on several things simultaneously. If they focus on the wrong thing (e,g, a plot on the slide that you are finished explaining, or didn’t start to explain yet), then they might miss important information that they need to follow the next part of your presentation.

If you distract your audience by giving them options on where to direct their attention (as most presenters do), you will lose a big part of your audience. Instead, be a responsible and gentle guide. Only show them what they need to look at, at that moment. Give them time to look properly. Then remove that information and add a blank slide to guide their attention back to you.

Good luck experimenting with blank slides. Your audience will thank you!





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